Top Ten: Summer 2010

Ugh. Summer in Illinois. Oppressive on so many levels. I haven’t had the urge to update this blog for many months now, and to be honest, I really don’t at this time either, but I’m forcing myself to do so in an attempt to beat the Central Illinois doldrums.

The below is a wide representation of what I’ve been obsessing over at various times over the last few months. A bit disjointed and schizophrenic, but nevertheless, it’s what’s kept me afloat for the time being, along with beer gardens, and drinking (or trying to) drink chief beers. The summer can only get better.

PLAY IT LOUD II in September. RIOT FEST, Teenage Fanclub, Nick Lowe in October. And so it goes…..

Bremner, Williams, Edmunds, Lowe

Paul Weller – Wake Up the Nation. The Modfather’s hot streak continues. Unless you are Brian Logan. In which case you compare him unfavorably to adult contemporary. However, it IS a great record, and nice to see a reunion with Bruce Foxton, hopefully making up for the very real fact that Foxton had the worst haircut in rock’n’roll for 20+ years. Check out those old videos from The Jam. Cripes. And he hadn’t changed it when i saw him with SLF in Chicago in the mid-to-late 90’s.

Husker Du – New Day Rising. Perfect summer record. Perfect record in general.

Nick Lowe – Jesus of Cool. Always overshadowed by Elvis Costello, but Nick Lowe’s body of work is top quality by any standard.

Dave Edmunds – Best Of. Always overshadowed by Nick Lowe, Edmunds delivers pure rock’n’roll, at times a bit too rockabilly for me, but nevertheless, Edmunds was blessed with a serene voice, and a knack for amazing arrangements of other’s tunes – see E.Costello’s “Girls Talk” with compadre Nick Lowe in tow.

Marching Orders – Days Gone By. Haven’t listened to much by way of oi!/streetrock of late, but Marching Orders maintain the course of quality, and put out a damn fine, catchy rock’n’roll record, with equal bits Rose Tattoo and Cock Sparrer.

Comet Gain – All. I am a closet fan of most things “twee” but this band has just enough Weller/Townshend meets Brit-pop/Art-rock in it to take it next level in my estimation. Top band.

Len Price 3 – All. Sounds so much like the early Who/Kinks that some people cannot get into it. Me? LOVE the shit. Amazing. Possibly my favorite band at the moment.

John Prine – Various. Only recently got into Mr. Prine. Too bad, because the guy is an American original and an incredible songwriter. See “Lake Marie” for more recent evidence.

Metal Church – The Dark. At times, it sounds like thrash, at times, it sounds like Iron Maiden. At ALL times, it proves to be a GREAT record.

Men of North Country – s/t single. Amazing new soul on Acid Jazz. A bit modern, with the appropriate up tempo swing. B-Side “Debut” is the real rocker.

Concrete Gods. New single. This will be released on ROCK’N’ROLL DISGRACE RECORDS in the near future; both cuts will be reviewed in depth on this blog, but for now, the a-side is classic Gods in every way, from subject matter to rave up, whilst the B-side is more experimental, and dare I say, the spirit of Jarvis Cocker treads lightly on it? EXCELLENT material.

Tommy and the Terrors. New single. Single out in limited quantities (for now, larger pressing coming soon) also on RRD above. Their best, most paranoid, and angriest material to date. I wish I had a copy, since I helped put it out. Alas, I cannot say that. Track down a copy. Get me one.

Party Down – TV Series. Got into this late. What a great show it was, with an amazing cast. Ken Marino as “Ron Donald” being the stand-out. Consistently hilarious, and at times, faggy as it may sound, poignant, to those out there in “dead end, there’s gotta be more” type jobs.

The Right Spectacle – Videos and Live Elvis Costello. GREAT collection of early to mid EC videos and some great live stuff as well.

River Monsters – TV series. Cannot. Get. Enough.



3 Responses to “Top Ten: Summer 2010”

  1. Men of North Country Says:

    thanks so much for this!
    check out our 2 videos:

    Album will be out later this year.

  2. Billy Shears Says:


    Thanks for the tips on the videos and the album. Looking forward to it!

  3. Men of North Country Says:


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