Top Ten: Spring 2010

Been a weak last few months, for a variety of reasons, all shitty, mainly. Site hasn’t been updated in awhile (as the loyal 2-3 readers may have noticed) but spring has sprung, and with it, new life.
Whatever. Anyway, here is what I’ve been checking out over the last few months, for better and worse, what excites me, etcetera etcetera.

P.S: Going to be working on that TOP 50 OF THE LAST 15 soon, too.

ROCK’N’ROLL DISGRACE PRODUCT – the contraband is on the streets. Two LPs and an ep for the buying public. SUPERYOB, T.H.U.G. and BATTLE RUINS. A classic re-pressed, a new band’s vinyl debut, and the first ep from a band on everyone’s Top Ten list. What more could you want? Go here, pronto: ROCK’N’ROLL DISGRACE.

THE POINTED STICKS – Perfect Youth LP. Some people claim the debut LP by these Canadians was not as hot as it should have been; that it was a bit lackluster. I’d tend to disagree. Love the record, love the songs. Canadian Power Pop Bands Are Go! Great stuff.

OBLITERATION – THIS IS TOMORROW ep. Brutal as hell. Discharge meets Motorhead. Was really, really impressed with this ep.


CLOSE CALL – LIVE. After Brian and I’s parking tour of Cambridge, and dealing with a less than amazing show space, it was nice to finally see CLOSE CALL destroy. As good as advertised. RIVAL MOB were sick as well. Missed a good chunk of the other bands, which disappoints.

THE BREAKWAYS  – WALKING OUT ON LOVE LP. Paul Collins and Peter Case after The Nerves. Only lasted a few months/shows, but Collins found some tapes. A bit more raw than the Nerves, and subsequent bands, this is GREAT stuff.  Very real danger of overplaying this one for weeks at a time.

BLUR – NO DISTANCE LEFT TO RUN DVD. Wasn’t sure what to expect from this DVD, but what I got was one of my favorite music docs ever. A really “true” look at a band for whom, in the end, friendship and relations were more important than any kind of last gasp gigs, which only made the reunion shows that much better. Oddly touching and inspiring, a tale of retributions where the music is secondary, this is highly recommended.

V/A – KEB DARGE AND PAUL WELLER PRESENT: LOST’N’FOUND: REAL R’N’B AND SOUL LP. Darge and Weller choose plenty of ripping tracks apiece. How could it not be quality?

THE REPLACEMENTS – ALL. After the passing of Alex Chilton, rather than go on a steady diet of Big Star, I actually found myself playing their heirs, The Replacements, non-stop. Probably in My Top Ten Bands of All-Time, their catalog is if anything, stronger than before (<—-SKETCH!)

LES FLEUR DE LYS – various. Been into various material from this long forgotten mod band of the sixites. Quality.

THE YARDBIRDS – Roger the Engineer LP. No need to discuss. Has been in regular rotation lately.



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