Top Ten: 4/2009

Nice 'stache, soul boy....

Although March may have challenged for most mundane month of 2009 so far, April has possibly surpassed it, which is one reason for the tardiness of this list that no one will likely read anyway, but I digress…..much of this material is from this month, but at this point, just getting a list of highlights together was task enough, so have at it, and pray that the summer ushers in events of worth….it always does.

Here’s a few things that have got me through the past 4-6 weeks.

v/a: Crazee Kids Sound – Boot Power II CD – a comp made by the creators of Crazee Kids Sound blog/website, this is a quality compilation of 70’s rock’n’roll/glam/oi! Runs the gamut of the precursors of punk/oi! to the terrace bands and the beginnings of aforementioned scenes. From curiosities like Fresh and The Audience, to Slade, Sweet and Mott, to heavy hitters like Cock Sparrer, Sham, Rejects and Skrewdriver, this is quality from start to finish. Highlights: The Rivals and The Squad. Top notch.

Chicago Blackhawks Playoff Hockey – ’nuff said. (As of update, they are down 2-0 to Detroit. Oh well.)

Stamford Bridge/Bastard’s Choir split 45 – I’ve (and everyone else in the scene for that matter) been waiting on Stamford Bridge for a long time; Side project of Carl Templar. Tunes definitely have a Templars vibe, but a bit more power-pop, less aggressive, and really, really good.

Deep Sleep – Three Things At Once CD – hardcore inspired by the likes of (obviously) The Descendents, with hints of Big Drill Car, The Doughboys, etc, but with a harder, faster approach. Nicely done. This is a collection of their three existing e.p.’s.

Kid British – “Sunny Days” CD single – likely too poppy for the majority of readers, I nevertheless really dig this tune. Hints of Madness mixed with The Streets and early Ordinary Boys, it boarders on obnoxious, but never crosses that line.

Twisted Wheel – s/t LP – Another “The Jam meets Oasis” but where the second LP by The Enemy aims for grandiose statements and misses the mark, this Manchester unit delivers on simplicity and catchiness.

The 4-Skins – A Fistful of…..LP – later material, but classic nevertheless and has been revisited over the past few weeks.

Fresh – Out of Borstal LP – Had this for years but was checking it out again, due to the inclusion on Crazee Kids comp. As all past reviews have let you know, it’s nothing extraordinary, but kind of cool for it’s “Stones meets ‘Scum’-type” vibe. Rumors were The stones were involved, but alas, that is seemingly only one of the grand rumors in the rock’n’roll pantheon.

Downtown Owl by Chuck Klosterman.  Book. – Possibly the best book I have read in 5 years. Klosterman gets pegged (sometimes rightly so) as a hipster douche but there’s no denying – he knows his characters; they are authentic in their sadness and heroic in their attempts to escape the weirdness of small town Midwestern life. Funny and sad, and that, friends, is the description of much of the great works of art throughout history.  Is it so true it’s funny, so true it’s sad, or both?

Dexy’s Midnight Runners – Searching For….LPToo Rye Ay LP and all singles from inception. It’s almost summer. I’m listening to them every day.

The Aggrolites – Everything. Ditto.


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