Top Ten: 7/2009 & 8/2009

Combination TOP list for July and August because Central Illinois is boring as SHIT. Also depressed here because The CUBS have been finished since the Rockies series. Zambrano is the biggest dickhead in the Major Leagues, and Milton Bradley is right behind him. 90% of the rest of the team can fuck off as well. Hard to root for your team when they are as unlikable as the Pistons in their heyday. Fucking ASSHOLES.

Never forget The Warriors
Never forget The Warriors

INGLORIOUS BASTERDS – FILM. I’ve heard the complaints and I’ve heard the cheers and I back the latter. It’s not really a “draw you in and keep you there” flick, but more the Tarantino swagger of “I’m gonna make a WWII/French New Wave/Spaghetti Western with mainly dialog and you are going to dig the hell out of it” kind of thing where historical fact is thrown to the wind and you’re just along for the ride. And it works.

ARCHIVE FROM 1959 – THE BILLY CHILDISH STORY. 51 tracks from the most prolific guy in punk rock. All bands, and almost all great songs. Good stuff.

THE BANGLES – LIVE. Always dug this band, mainly because before “Walk Like and Egyptian” they were pretty much just a power-pop band who loved The Replacements. And professional pop was pretty much how the show was. Covers of Big Star and The Who, and their excellent version of “Going Down to Liverpool” plus about 10 Budweisers made this a really good time. Annnnd they played the hits.


THE BEAT – S/T. Paul Collins not Dave Wakeling. Both great bands, but been playing the s/t power-pop classic all summer.

HEMINGWAY – SHORT STORIES. Yes, cliched as shit, but reading Hemingway’s shorts in the summer is always pretty relaxing for me. “In Another Country,” “A Clean, Well-Lighted Place,” “Hills Like White Elephants,” “The Short, Happy Life of Francis Macomber”….on and on and on.

LED ZEPPELIN – VARIOUS. I always hated this band…until recently. Now I get it. And it’s being played incessantly. “Valhalla I am commmmming…..”

THE DESCENDENTS – HALLRAKER! Have this cassette in my car, which as of now only has a cassette player. Good for the hundreds of tapes i bought in the 80’s like this one. A weird setlist, the opposite of Livage!, which I’m guessing was the point. Still, the best pop-ish punk band ever doing excellent songs. Very nice.

PAUL WELLER – S/T AND THE JAM – EXTRAS! Have these tapes in my car as well. Extras! is a collection of covers, b-sides and different versions of classics that is indispensable and the s/t Weller is a cool, psychadelic summer record (or tape, as the case may be here….)

TELEVISION PERSONALITIES – AND DON’T THE KIDS JUST LOVE IT. Low-fi pop that is definitely a precursor to C-86 shit, and just as good.  “They” always say it’s “charming”….they are right, but they are also probably trendy hipster cornholes who I’d like to slap in the face if I saw “them” out.

God damn that was boring to write, I can only imagine what it’s like to read. Apologies. I mean, NO APOLOGIES! Thanks Mike Judge.


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