Top Ten: 6/2009

The summer drags on…..and so do the TOP PICKS……eck.

As bored looking as I feel......
As bored looking as I feel……

MADNESS – THE LIBERTY OF NORTON FOLGATE CD. A really strong, really excellent breath of fresh air, and first new album from MADNESS in some time. Put this up with their best (see my review below.) A whirlwind tour and love letter to the London of their lives.

THE PRESS – THE COMPLETE PRESS 84 – 94 CD. Say what you will about politics, Men In Black, whatever, but the Press were the real deal, as in really good. Definitely more influenced by oi! than many of the NYHC bands of the day who were also skinheads, The Press played good, catchy oi! with bits of ska, dub and most impressively, modrock in their repertoire. A really good bunch of tunes.

BLOSSOM TOES – WE ARE EVER SO CLEAN LP. Often overlooked bit of English pop from the 60’s. Really worthwhile stuff.

THE HAPPY MONDAYS – PILLS’N’THRILLS’N’BELLYACHES CD. I never ever rated the Mondays as high as the Roses, and in fact, was never really impressed with them, but been kind of getting into Ryder’s street level goofiness of late. Check them out as they tour the States this fall.

DINOSAUR JR. – FOSSILS CASSETTE. Hadn’t played this in many, many years. Still as good as I remember. Their cover of “CHUNKS” rules.

BLUR – “BEST OF” (THROUGH THE GREAT ESCAPE) CASSETTE. Amazing band, amazing songs.

THE HOLD STEADY – STAY POSITIVE CD. Another good effort from this band. Kind of like a punkier, weirder Springsteen, with better lyrics

T.H.U.G. – Hard as nails Australian band that play oi!-influenced rock’n’roll. Real world lyrics and catchy as fuck tunes make this a solid winner.

BOOTPRINT – A PART OF US CD. Again, hard as hell oi! this time, from Canada. Originals in English and French and covers of Condemned 84 and Brutal Combat should tell you where this one is coming from.

GATAN’S LAG – LAT MIG STANNA….CD. Top Swedish band of the moment; playing oi! with ska-ish overtones, and sounding to me like early Bohse Onklez, early Klasse Kriminale mixed with gruff vocals. Just all around REALLY good.


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