Top Ten: 5/2009

Dig those logos.....
Dig those logos…..

As the summer rambles on, so doth these weak ass lists, seemingly serving no purpose at all. I am bored beyond belief in Illinois these days.

I leave it to me….

Jamie T – “Sticks’n’Stones” Single. Always been a fan of Jamie T, a sort of lo-fi Billy Bragg pumping out wordplay worthy of a Mike Skinner. This is probably the best thing I’ve heard from him yet, incorporating more structure, a big chorus, and lyrics which are strong, as always. Good stuff.

Stamford Bridge – “The Way I Am.” Probably the song of the summer for me. See thoughts in RECORD REVIEWS section.

The Audience – songs from “Bronco Bullfrog” soundtrack. Been back into these guys again. Sort of Bowie meets Stones, with a strong 2-3 tunes, and the rest interesting enough.

Husker Du – Metal Circus. A classic, obviously.

The Aggrolites – IV. With more variety this time around, but sticking to the same quality people have come to expect. Full review coming soon.

The Faces – Five Guys Walk into a Bar…. Box set. No explaination needed, really.

Nick Lowe/Brinsley Schwartz/Rockpile – various. Elvis Costello gets all the press, but Nick Lowe was right there from the start as well. Great tunes.

Hammer and the Nails – Demo. Still the best demo I’ve heard in ages.

PRETTY GREEN – gear. Picked up a tee-shirt and bucket hat (or “cricket hat”) from Liam Gallagher’s new clothing line. Negative reviews abound with friends, and both items were over-priced as hell (unless you consider the other SHIT out there like ED HARDY and other such high end garbage) and really pretty basic, the quality is there (esp on the tee), I like the possibly iconic logo (Between the Buttons homage, no doubt), and it is Gallagher Jr, so what can one do?

Various Reggae/Northern Soul. Always good in the summer.

’til next time….


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