Top Ten: 4/2009 Retraction

Time in Borstal? Surely Not......

Eagle-eyed reader Scott notes that, in my brief description of the FRESH – ‘Out of Borstal’ record below, I’d mentioned the Rolling Stones connection was nothing more than legend, and likely a hustle to get this obscure album some more pub. However, Scott notes correctly that indeed a cut on that record IS a Rolling Stones cover.  “Long Long While,” the last cut on Side One, is indeed a Jagger/Richards composition. So while The Stones weren’t involved, per se, they were, in a round about way, even if this critic thinks “See You Later” sounds more Stones-y than the aforementioned Stones cut does.

Details: Recorded March 6 – 9, 1966, released as a UK B side single to “Paint It Black” in May, 1966. Released in the US on More Hot Rocks, in 1972. Vocals: Mick Jagger, Electric Guitars: Keith Richards & Brian Jones, Bass: Bill Wyman, Drums: Charlie Watts, Piano & Organ: Ian Stewart, Percussion: Jack Nitzsche.

Ian Stewart on organ huh? (Let’s not even start on this one….)


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