Top Ten: 3/2009

This is John Stabb. You are Not. Fuck Off.
This is John Stabb. You are Not. Fuck Off.

Government Issue – You LP. Great hardcore band, but even greater post-punk.

v/a – Kodama: Samurai Spirit CD. The Hawks/New Dawn/War Machine/Garou. All hammers, but worth it for The Hawks tracks alone

HardXTimes – Demain nous appartient 7″ ep – This band is tough as nails, and “Paris” is likely their best song yet.

The Watchmen – film. No, it isn’t perfect. Yes, the altered ending leaves something to be desired, but c’mon. Jackie Earl Haley was motherfucking Rorschach, and the film was as faithful as it gets…until the director’s cut. Add in the animated Tales of the Black Freighter and Under the Hood, and there you fucking go. As close to perfect as you’ll ever get.

Naked Raygun – Last of the Demohicans CD. For some reason, I waited to pick this up, and I shouldn’t have. The four demos on here are quality NR tunes (especially “Off the Edge,” “The Way It’s Supposed to Be,” and “Trio”) and the extras are excellent as well. Must-own. Seriously.

Eastbound and Down – Series. This series continues to shine. Best new TV show easily. Kenny Powers is God. Dollar. Dollar. Bill y’all.

Lost Cause – s/t LP. Forgotten by many, these were a staple in Chicago’s hardcore history. Sort of like Naked Raygun mixed with Murphy’s Law, all siphoned through that Chicago sound.

Straw Dogs – 91-97. Play that shit again, young man….

Blood or Whiskey. No Time to Explain LP. It is March, and these guys were/are one of the best.

Morrissey – Years of Refusal LP. Don’t call it a comeback…Moz continues to own.


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