Top Ten: 2/2009

Eastbound and Down, rim jobs.
Eastbound and Down, rim jobs.

Hammer and the Nails – Set To Ruin demo

The Ruling Class – Tour de Force CD/7″ special edition (Excellent. Sounds like Stone Roses should-have-been second album. Second Coming would have been third, obviously….Third Coming?)

Blood-Stained Brindle – demo

Tales From the Darkside Season One – DVD

Hammer and The Nails/Blood-Stained Brindle/The Revilers/Side Effects live at Great Scott’s

Gentleman Jesse – Introducing….LP

Tarpit – Vultures LP

Radio Silence – A Selected Visual History of American Hardcore Music – Book. Really, really well done.

Eastbound and Down – HBO. (Episode One was a bit slow, ended amazingly, and Episode Two owned. The Kenny Powers/Ashley Schaeffer BMW scene was one for the highlight reels. Danny McBride fucking rules.)

Zero Boys – History Of LP. (Classic material, well-packaged. Get it.)

Sick of It All – Blood, Sweat and No Tears LP (re-visiting this classic all month)

Wire – Upon Returning CD – (awesome collection of early material, and the live version of 12XU smokes.)

The Seafarer – stage play. Steppenwolf Theater. Chicago, IL. (Really well-done play, set at Christmas Eve in Dublin. By Connor McPherson. Starring John Mahoney (“Frasier”))


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