Top Ten: 1/2009

(At the risk of boring you….too late…this section was formerly TOP TEN, but now it’s just a sad list of stuff I’ve been into this month….)

Nice shoes, dickface.....

Nice shoes, dickface.....

Hammer and The Nails – demo. (Single coming soon on Rock’N’Roll Disgrace Records)

Naked RaygunLive at House of Blues.  Friday, 1/2/2009. AMAZING.

Crux/SamplesSplit CD. Classic I’ve been playing the shit out of.

Paul WellerBBC 4 Disc Box set

Horace Panter – Ska’d For Live – Book detailing the rise and fall of The Specials.

Elvis CostelloThe Right Spectacle DVD. Collection of Elvis videos and a live set. Must-have for fans

The WhoLive at Kilburn 1977 DVD . DVD release of legendary show (one of Moon’s last) plus live show from 1969.

Swingin’ UttersHatest Grits. LP. Amazing material, of course, and LP comes with free digital download, which is nice since the CD/digital download has more songs.

Alternate ActionThin Line CD. Ex-Subway Thugs/Lancasters/Glory Stompers.  CD collection of 7″ ep’s. Really very good. AA are in the Top Three oi! bands today.

Green – Elaine MacKenzie. LP. Forgotten power-pop sons of Chicago. The LP The Kinks/The Replacements/The Clash would have made if they were the same band.

AWAYDAYS – trailer. Wedge haircuts, Adidas Stockholms and ultra-violence. A classic in the making? We shall see.

Marching Orders – Last Train Home 10″. Aussie “skunk” (God damn I hate that stupid term) band. Really good, catchy stuff.


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