Pressure 28: Early Days. The Vintage Interview

In collaboration with the upcoming PLAY IT LOUD! fest, Saturday Night’s promotional machine takes off with an idea hot off the presses: before posting the new Pressure 28 interview (that isn’t even out of the planning stages yet) we’ll open the vaults to create the Pressure 28 bookend interview series. Past and Present. The present, as duly noted, will entail a brand new interview with the band.

And the past?

Here, from 1993, PRESSURE 28‘s past comes alive. Originally printed in Perry Hardy’s CARRY NO BANNERS zine, Issue #2, 1993, this is the PRESSURE 28 interview, in all it’s glory.

pressure 28

1. CNB: Could you please tell us who is in the band and give us a brief history?

Kev “talented” Gough on vocals and other strange noises, Jason “rabbit skin knickers” Arnold on guitar, Colin “the beak” Baker on bass and rhythm-y bits and last but not least, Nick Millington “sexy bastard, nine hour lover and hung like a dray horse.” (Editor, feel free to take the piss out of Nick at this point.) And the brief history is: done a gig, done a record. Is that brief enough?

2. Oi! seems to be growing again in Britain with some good new bands. Do you think this trend will continue? Have you noticed the audiences getting bigger at Oi! gigs?

Yeah, it’s about time a few Oi! bands started doing the rounds. There’s lots of new record labels as well, willing to put out bands. It can only get better cuz none of us are ready to throw in the towel yet. and yeah, I think the audiences are getting bigger as well.

3. Do you have a particular message you try to get across in your music?

We just want people to wake up and live in the real world, to start thinking for themselves and not the sort of world they would like us to live in. Alot of people seem to go around in a world of their own, they don’t know the score and what’s going on around them. Also about being proud of the working class, we may get pissed around by the upper classes all the time and sneered at as if we’re some kind of scum but would we have it any other way?

4. Who are your influences and favorite bands?

We aint influenced by anyone – really just do the stuff and if we like it, we keep it.

Favorite bands:

Col: Last Resort, The Business, 4-Skins, the Oppressed, ‘Sparrer.

Nick: Anything.

Kev: ‘Sparrer, Another Man’s Poison, Rejects, Blitz, etc.

Jason: Dolly Parton, Frank Sinatra, Abba, Popeye, Sinbad.

5. What’s the story behind the British TV special on homosexual skinheads?

Nah. Is there hell. You do get hippie poofters who think they’re skinheads but hardly ever have anything to do with the scene. However, as you know, Nicky Crane has been on the telly admitting that he is homosexual; there have been rumors about him for some years. But if you listen to rumors you’ll find that half the time, it’s a load of shit. At the time, we thought of his involvement in the British movement and the Nationalist scene (and thought) it was just the left wing smearing him. As for the program itself, I didn’t actually watch it, I can only go on what me mates have said about it. I don’t think any of the others in the band saw it either. We were in the pub getting pissed rather than sitting at home watching programs about homosexuals.

6. Does the oi! scene in England still suffer from all the trouble in the early 80’s? (Southhall, etc)

It’s OK. You get the odd fight wherever, don’t you, but we aint had any major violence whenever we have played. The odd ruck at the end of the night when everyone realizes they’ve gotta go home.

7. How do you feel about all the political divisions in the skinhead movement today? Do you think more skins are getting fed up with politics?

Nick: I haven’t got any interest in politics, really, so I don’t pay any attention at all.

Col: I’ve not got anything against skins who are into right wing politics or for that matter the ones into left wing politics but the ones in the middle are getting tarred with a political brush. Personally, politics piss me off but if you believe in something you think is right,  fair enough, who am I to say you’re wrong? As for more skins getting fed up with politics, I think you’re right, there does seem to be more people moving out of the political divisions which, in the long run, can only be good for the scene.

Kev: Politics is just each individual’s view on what’s right or wrong or anything for that matter. People are entitled to think what they like so why suppress their politics? It’s up to them what they think is good and bad. I’ve never met anyone with all the answers yet. I don’t think politics are bad cuz it’s good that people are thinking for themselves, it’s just no one likes politics rammed down their throats, and it definitely isn’t the be all, end all of everything. All the gigs so far, the crowd know we aint a political band, so politics have been swapped for the pursuit of getting pissed and jumping around for the hour or so we’re on. I don’t know if skinheads are getting fed up with politics at all, but with the new oi! bands around flying a ‘no politics’ banner, alot of the skinheads don’t have to stand on ceremony.

8. What’s your opinion of ska music and the spirit of ’69?

Col: I like ska music, I have done since the Two Tone era, but I think it’s silly how some skins try to emulate the ’69 skins and look down on skins who are into oi! just because they don’t wear clothes that skinheads wore in ’69. It aint clothes you wear that matters or the type of music you listen to, it’s what’s up top that really matters.

Kev: I like Two Tone, The Specials for instance, but I aint a big fan of ska. I get bored listening to it. I prefer something a bit more injected but saying that, I dislike thrash and metal more cuz they seem to lack a basic tune and it just sounds like a row. In my humble opinion, Two Tone and oi! can be related to more by your average skinhead on the street because we are around these days when it’s happening and it’s played by kids just like us on the same level. I suppose if we were around in ’69 we would probably thought ska was the business. But as I weren’t around, it doesn’t have the same impact on me in the present. As for the Spirit of ’69, if it weren’t for skinheads doing what they were doing then, we would all be into some other kind of fashion, but I don’t want to live as if it was still 1969 and everyone else being in 1993.

9. What are you occupations besides the band?

Nick: Arfur Daley wheeler dealer, ducking and diving, etc.

Col: By day I sell timber, and building materials within the building trade, and by night, I am a ruthless gangster who owns many nightclubs and gambling dens and whore houses, and I also run a very profitable protection racket along the lines of the infamous KRAY twins, who are, in fact, both my surrogate fathers.

Kev: Because I am on the dole and have the whole day to myself, I have built up a ring of women friends who I visit every day and they pay me for sex or any other sexual fantasies they wish to carry out. Arny is on the dole as well.

10. How do you feel about skinhead zines? Which ones are your favorites?

Nick: Real World, Skinhead Times, etc.

Col: Skinhead zines are fucking brilliant. If it weren’t for all the hard work the editor put in, there wouldn’t be a scene to talk about. As for favorites, any zine that goes out regularly is worth reading but the ones I read regularly are the Skinhead Times, Skinheads Don’t Fear, Tighten Up, Welcome to the Real World, and of course, Carry No Banners because it’s such an excellent read, jam packed full of information and interesting stuff (That’s go to be worth a free subscription aint it, Perry?)

Kev: I have got favorite magazines but wouldn’t like to say in case other zine’s editors got put out by me not liking theirs the best. They’re all good, though. It’s a shame sometimes I can’t read any other languages cuz yer can only look at the pictures in the foreign mages.

11. Let’s talk about skinhead style for a moment. What do you like to wear? How do you feel about skins with 20 hole boots, facial tattoos and the like?

Col: 8 hole Docs, button downs, braces, etc but as I’ve said before, it aint what you wear that matters, it’s what you’ve got up top that matters. As for facial tattoos and 20 hole boots, I wouldn’t dress like that myself but that’s not to say skins who do dress like that are any worse than skins who don’t. We’re all skins, we’re all working class and that’s what matters.

Kev: Fuckin’ money tends to get in the way of what I wear and what I want to wear, but jeans, oxblood Docs, button downs, Fred Perrys, but they’re all fucked cuz I’ve had most of them for years so I could do with some more gear really. I don’t wear 20 hole Docs but as Colin said, it’s up to people what sort of skinhead gear they wear. The odd tattoo on yer face looks good, I think, but not going over the top, but then again, yer can’t get rid of them, can yer? Looks well hard sometimes though.

12. Any band merchandise for sale?

Yeah, we got a demo tape with 4 songs on it. the recording is a bit dodgy though. We got a single coming out with issue 11 of the Skinhead Times but it’s only free to subscribers. We’re on the one side and there’s a ska band on the other side. Also got two tracks on the British Oi! Working Class Anthems LP and last but not least, our debut single which will be out before this interview. I think the Steve Priest Fan Club is doing the distribution in the states, but you should be able to get it through your usual dealers. But despite that, we can flog you anything from cars to used suspenders, bits of belly fluff, ear wax, mud, stones…send us your list of wants.

13. Future plans?

Col: To get a foothold in Europe and hopefully play some gigs over there, so anyone who’s reading this can afford to get us over to America or Europe, let us know and we’ll be over there quicker than you can say “my crash helmet is too tight and I only have two bags of cowshit left.”

Kev: I’m gonna forget about the future and go out at the weekend and get totally arseholed, shag some rich girl and live in luxury for the rest of my life.

Nick: Fuck the music off, buy a Ford Sierra, have 2.2 kids and buy a semi-detached house in the suburbs.

Any closing comments?

A big cheers for the band interview. Thanks Perry, mate! See you around no doubt, and buy the single when it’s released (escapes.) We were gonna take the piss about the football but we’ve just lost against her, hopeless, eh? Give yer a damn good thrashing next time, slads. Right then, see yer for now kids.


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