Pressure 28: The Modern Day Conclusion

Many thanks to Kev Gough, not only for reviving a top English oi! band, and heading to The States to play for the likes of yours truly, but for also going along with the PRESSURE 28: BOOKENDS interview series. As you likely know by now, P28 are set to invade the states for PLAY IT LOUD in September, so I thought now would be a good time to get Kev’s views on the weight of the world.

Without further excess verbiage – by way of England, here’s Kev Pressure 28 outlining goals of an oi! band in a New World Order.

P28: Modern Day Warriors. Mean, mean stride.....

Saturday Night: First question – why now? Why the decision to reform Pressure 28 NOW?  Or is this less a re-formation and more that the band had been on hiatus and this is ‘thee triumphant return?’ Anything click with you that made the band a necessary truth again (any day-to-day events or due to the state of affairs today?) or was it/is it just for fun?

Kev: I/we didn’t really want to quit the band in the first place. Really, it was just circumstance at the time. We wanted to start up again for some time, then about two years ago me and Arny said ‘fuck it’ we’ll get on with it, started messing with a few new songs etc, but it sort of petered out. So spent a year trying to sort practices out etc but wasnt getting anywhere. Anyway, had the bit in my teeth now so got me arse in gear and sorted it out.  Ha ha, I don’t know about the triumphant return bit but its great to be back at it again even though still findin’ our feet  after such along time not playing live. It’s just coincedence that Britain is going down the pan at the mo as it was when we first started wiv loads becoming unemployed etc.

Saturday: What’s the line-up?  Besides yourself, are there any original members present?

Kev: All the others are just too busy to do the band; Nick, old drummer, lives in France. Col has got a job that would get in the way, Arny got new baby etc, all though they all wanna do it, ha ha. Arny helped on two of the new songs with us for the new ep. They’re all a bit gutted about not being able to play but that’s just the way at mo. Line up at mo is Kev- vocals, Ade on bass (Ade also plays with ska band The Uplifters, think he’s the only original member left in them) Rich -guitar (Rich used to play with oi band Scum till they split up last year) and Stu-drums. (Stu used to drum for a punk band called Tartan Scars.)

Saturday: What are some of the main differences in the band today? Anything different from a musical approach?

Kev: Older. Ha ha.  But still got the same mindset as used to have. Being older, obviously got more life experience to draw on, hopefully a bit wiser. Music wise,  still just an oi! band. (We) don’t wanna be in any other type of band. Think disco music is shit, rock music bland, can’t stand dance music, it’s just wank. Saying that, probably we all get influenced by stuff we hear and see, but there’s no intention to create a certain sound or genre. Just play the tunes we like.

Saturday: The band played at a strong time in British oi! with other HAMMER bands, etc. How was the scene back then, and how does the scene compare today? Strengths? Weaknesses?

Kev: We thought it was great at the time, cus it was new for us, riding on the teenage roller coaster, so to speak. You can look back on things through rose tinted glasses, but actually I think it’s pretty good today. In England at the moment, there’s oi! and punk gigs on every week, too many really. I would say alot more bands around as well, cus youve got old bands gigging as well as new ones. Main difference is that there’s not the amount of skinheads about these days, going through city centre these days if I see a skinhead, I feel as if I should go touch him on the head for luck cus it’s such a rarity. Ha ha.

Saturday: What, in general, is the “state of Oi!” today?

Kev: Some shit bands out there, and some brilliant. Perhaps in England there’s too many bands and not enough punters, and dont know about rest of the world but will find out in the next couple of years as we go to different places.

Saturday: As a continuation, who are some bands YOU rate today? Bands out there we should keep an eye on? UK or otherwise?

Kev: That depends on wot you like, I s’pose. Even between us in the band, our tastes differ quite a bit. One of the lads might think a particular band is good, where as I think they’re turd, if you know wot I mean. Skinfull from Coventry are good, old style oi! and they sound good. They’re tight as a band live as well.

Saturday: Besides oi!/punk, are there other bands out there that you’re really into, classic or otherwise?

Kev: Gonna embarass Rich now. He went to see Suzie Quatro the other week! Ha ha. He said it was good. Between us though, probably ska bands (like) Arthur Kay and Mod bands (like) The Purple Hearts, etc.

Saturday: What about politics? As people age, politics sometimes invariably change. Sometimes people who were not interested in any kind of politics become interested in them; sometimes political views do a 180. How is the political climate within the scene, and in Britain in general?

Kev: Same as everyone, have a view on wot’s right and wrong. Life aint black and white. I wish things were that simple. Probably more idealistic when (I) was younger, thinking you can change the world. Just dont give a fuck now. The oi scene over here aint as political as it used to be.

Saturday: What seems to be the mindset of the average person in Britain at this time? Obviously, The US has seen a bit of upheaval as far as the economy and mild turmoil in general. Has Britain reflected that as well?

Kev: Probably much the same as over ere; lots of people losing their jobs and no work out there, then yer got the politicians swindling the system to line their own pockets. England’s took on alot of immigrant workers from Eastern Europe, who in general, are getting shafted anyway working for less pay, but is putting alot of people’s noses out of joint cus they aint got jobs and the money is not staying in the economy but being sent back to families in Eastern Europe. I would do the same to if could earn a better wage over there. Ha ha!

Saturday: What do you think of gangs of subcultures like the chavs and the like? Seems like a general lack of morals, and disrespect for older generations prevails. Are the youth of Britain a reflection of its mindset – “grab what you can, when you can, everyone else be damned?”

Kev: Wouldn’t call it (chav) a subculture. Skinhead’s a subculture. Punk, Mod, Football Hooligan.  (But) ‘chav’ is just a nickname made up by the press. Yep, Britain’s youth today making a career of being on the dole. Britain’s estates full of youth like that; stealing, drug taking/selling, listening to crap rap muisic,waste of space. No pride or respect. It’s not retrospective of youth in Britain totally, though. (It’s) the government’s fault. The mindset is “I get a roof over me head, rent paid for, dole money every week, why should I go to work all week, slog me guts out to earn an extra tenner than I’m getting on the dole, might as well sit ‘ere, watch telly, get pissed or fucked on drugs.”  Just seems a waste to me. You only live once, so live it, don’t let it pass you by.

Saturday: Have you ever been to the US? Boston? What are some things you look forward to checking out while here?

Kev: Never been over there before, so looking forward to it. We’re only on a flying visit though, so wont get to see anything, which is a shame. Sort of get there, get to pub, play gig, get up ,come home.

Saturday: What bands are you looking forward to hearing at PLAY IT LOUD?

Kev: All of ’em!

Saturday: So, in closing, all in all, what are you looking to accomplish with the reformation of the band? Any mini-agenda?

Kev: No real agenda. Wanna get things going better in England. Take things as they come

Saturday: Future plans as far as shows and recordings.

Kev: Yeah, lining up gigs all over. Just bringing out a 4 track ep to let people know were about again, and gonna do an album next year. We”ve started with some new songs and might even re record some older songs to go on it as bonus trax, like ‘We’re Alright’ etc.

Saturday: Closing thoughts? Thank yous?

Kev: Yep, cheers for the interview, Sean, and hopefully we’ll have a good do in Boston. I’m gonna have a good time anyway, ha ha! Gonna take full advantage of yer local beer. Oh yeah, (I’m) accident prone, someone catch me if I fall off stage. Ha ha! See yer there!



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