Nothing Lasts Forever: The Trouble Interview. 1998.

Well over ten years old, this interview documents a little piece of the Boston punk/oi! scene, which was thriving for the better part of a decade.

From 1998, talking with front man Gibby Miller from The Trouble:


SATURDAY NIGHT: OK, the usuals….who’s in the band, and what do they do?

GIBBY: Im Gibby and I sing. Sam plays guitar, Makt plays bass, and Mike plays drums.

SATURDAY: How did you guys get together and when?

GIBBY: Sam and I were in a band called Saturdays Kids with Mike in 95. Mike and Makt previous to Saturdays Kids were in a band with some other guys called DPW.   Sam and I then formed another band with some other kids that Sam knew and were called Last In Line. Eventually that fell apart and we got Mike back, had a Last in Line bass player for a while, then dropped him for Makt. So we’re the best of a few different bands. We became The Trouble in 96.

SATURDAY: Who are your main influences…whose sound made you want to go start a band?

GIBBY: Our influences are very different. I wouldn’t say a particular sound made me want to be in a band, I just liked the idea of being able to voice my opinion in that sort of way, with my friends, and for my friends… It’s been tons of fun, and that’s the only way I’d have it. As a band we listen to tons of different music. We all enjoy punk, Oi!, and hardcore… I guess we differ in subtle ways. My favorite bands are very different from the music we play. I love The Smiths, everything Morrissey has ever done… he’s fucking brilliant. Joy Division and all of the early Factory Records bands such as James, Crawling Chaos, Stockholm Monsters, The Wake… That’s just me… I don’t know, I mean as a band we all bring in so many different
opinions and tastes… It really works out great for us because our sound is definitely not easily labeled. I like for each of our songs to sound completely fucking different from the last. I cant stand being stagnant… musically, we hate to stay in one place for too long.

SATURDAY: How’s the Boston Punk/Oi! scene right now? With the closing of the Rat and with Mike McColgan leaving the Dropkick’s, how’s the rebound? Seems like the Dropkick’s brought some notoriety to the scene signing w/Hellcat?

GIBBY: The Rat was a tough blow. We all had tons of fun there, and it was a really great place for shows and pretty much the heart of everything going on, the past few years especially. Mike leaving the Dropkicks was
unfortunate, but they’re a great band and they’ll keep playing great music. As far as notoriety, the popularity of the Dropkicks has definitely put more eyes on Boston, which is good because Boston deserves it.

SATURDAY: Speaking of which, what’s your take on Hellcat? Good for the scene? Divisional?

GIBBY: I think Hellcat is the best thing to happen in the scene for a long time. It’s a great label with great people and damn good bands. They’ve done tons of distribution and really gotten the word out on many bands that might have gone unheard. They’re doing a fantastic job.

SATURDAY: Switching gears, what’s going on with the Boston Mod scene and how did you personally come to be involved with Mod? Ken Reid says your the man to talk to….

GIBBY: Hahah… The Boston mod scene is a lot of fun. I met a bunch of mod kids around Boston in 96 and have been hanging out with them ever since. We have a bunch of scooter kids and britpop kids running around, a few crews–The BGC and the SCFM. Three nights (The go-go, the boom-boom room, and The
Pill) All of which are shitloads of fun and the Boom-Boom has been attracting more and more skins, it’s really rounding out to be a good time for everyone. I’ll tell you though, those NYC mods have it going on. They all came up to Boston a few months ago for a big show/all-nighter and they were fucking great.


SATURDAY: Since you’re a fan, I’ll ask: who are some of your fave Mod bands?  Obviously I’d guess the Who, The Small Faces, The Jam, but what about bands like The Chords, Squire, the Purple Hearts, Secret Affair, etc?

GIBBY: Yes the Who the Small Faces, the Jam of course. I’m really into a lot of 60’s psych and early 60’s garage/punk like Richard and the Young Lions, Suzi Quatro’s first band The Pleasure Seekers, The La-de-das, The Creation, The Kinks… I love the 80’s new wave/mod bands too like The Circles, The Cigarettes, The Nips, etc…

SATURDAY: Zines love using labels. And there are always folks who get called out for labeling themselves certain things, such as many bands wanting to align with the current streetrock/Oi! trend, while to many traditionalists, they are not considered as such…what’s your take Gibby?

GIBBY: People call us Oi!, people call us hardcore, people call us punk…. I don’t care I just love playing in a band. I think our sound changes so much and so often it’s really hard to throw us into a category. As far as other bands go I really don’t mind what they call themselves… Labels aren’t very important to me. If I enjoy a song by a band or I like a certain sound… then that’s it.

SATURDAY: What do you think of older punk/Oi! bands re-forming and touring? Ken brought up a good point when I talked to him: bands like the re-formed Misfits are a completely glorified cover band….

GIBBY: Danzig got the last laugh on that one. He now gets all the money from everything the original lineup did in exchange for the fucking name. That new album was disgusting. I saw them and died laughing… the lead singer with his butt-pads and their headbands with the devils locks weaved into them… Its all costume and it’s all quite laughable… saw them getting ready backstage… the butt-pads– I couldn’t believe it. And those weave-devils locks were a riot. As far as old bands reforming I would have to say it depends on the band… There are many bands I’d love to see dead and buried, but that’s just me… All in all it’s a good idea I suppose.

SATURDAY: What bands have you played with, and what shows are your most memorable?

GIBBY: We’ve played with The Freeze, The Unseen, Dropkicks, :30 seconds, Ducky Boys, Business, Bruisers, Swinging Utters, Royal Crowns, Blanks, jeez I don’t know. My favorite show was with the Royal Crowns in Providence… we got there late and the place was packed to the hilt like 700 people and I got smashed and we played a great set to an enthusiastic set. Another great show was at some girls house for this guy Chris’ birthday and people started throwing folding chairs and kitchen utensils all around the fucking place. I got hit with a flying spatula and then the lights went out and everyone fell and the floor was covered with beer…it was a drunken riot.

SATURDAY: Discography? The Oi!/Ska compilation must have been good to get your name out?

GIBBY: We have a GMM 7″ (Crime and Punishment), a FLAT records split with :30 Seconds, a track on Oi!/Skampilation vol 3, and yes that did help us out as far as recognition goes… We go into the studio next week (May 15th) to record our full length album for GMM… I think it’s going to be really, really good.

SATURDAY: Closing thoughts?

GIBBY: Hello to all of our friends in Boston and all of the bands we’ve played with, and to the SCFM and GMM Records… thanks! Start a band and make a scene.


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