East Side Story: Terry “Tel” Hayes Interview Part III

In what may be the longest wait for a follow-up since The Stone Roses “Second Coming” (we hope it’s more worth the wait than that record, and we all know you’ve been waiting with baited breath) here concludes the epic Terry “Tel” Hayes/East End Badoes interview.

Tel continues with vivid details, spurned on by J.M. Curley’s top-notch questions….

Tel in Action
Tel in Action

J.M. CURLEY: What’s the current lineup?  Is it difficult getting together to practice with some of the guys being in other bands?

TEL: At the moment we are back as a four piece as Chris our guitarist left last August,( much to my disappointment), Chris has been a member from the start of our comeback and he will be very difficult to replace as he was an extremely good guitarist. At the moment it’s me, Terry Hayes, Phis McDermott –  guitar, Dom Warwick – bass, and Mark (Cherry) Kilengray on drums. We are just starting to rehearse with another guitarist and we will see how that goes. We don’t really have any trouble sorting out rehearsals but as most shows are on Saturdays, our opportunities to play do clash with some of the lads other bands, but it is something we have to live with,  we have had to turn down a few good shows of late, There isn’t much i can do about that so i don’t let it bother me.

JMC: The administrator of this blog delves into a lot of different subcultures, and I know you have a song, “Stereotype Hooligan”(belter of a song, we’ve gotta say!).  What do you make of the casual scene in London, Tel?  How much is it linked to the re-emerging Oi! scene there?  I know that places oop Noorth, etc., etc., have their own big music scenes and the casuals tend to stick to bands like Oasis, the Rifles, Flowered Up, etc… So is there a big Ralph Lauren crew neck, Albam kagoule wearing contingent at Badoes gigs in London town? The reason we ask this is because here in America, the consensus seems to be that the Oi! scene is made up of mostly skinheads, music ‘for skinheads, by skinheads’ … and that the original Oi! scene in London was made up of more than that, like your punks, ‘erberts, regular guys down the bar who like a bit of banter and sport. So in the early days, did any one cult run the show?  Skins?  Punks?  Circus clowns?

Tel: You are absolutely right in what you think, the vast majority of Oi shows are populated by skinheads and that is country wide, but at this moment in time they are not being that well supported, you are getting very well known Oi bands (don’t include Sparrer or the Rejects in this) who are playing a crowd of around 100 people or less and this is happening on a regular basis. I know of some well know bands playing in front of less than 50 people, Not long ago me and my daughter went to see one of the first classic Oi bands (I am not going to name them) and there was 32 people in the venue, including bar staff. How I know this is because my daughter counted them. With the Casuals thing, yes we get casuals at our shows as do the Rejects and in some respect Argy Bargy, the thing with us and more so the Rejects, we have never been skinheads, in the old Rejects firm there may have been literally a handful of skinhead. The vast majority of their old firm were football herberts casuals call them what you will, and if you look on YouTube at football Bovver back in the early eighties you would never see a skinhead. That’s why there was always trouble at Rejects shows back then because in general it was the herberts fighting the skinheads. Yes we get a lot of Casuals at our shows along with skins and as with the Rejects shows today you very rarely see any hint of trouble and long may that last.

JMC: Speaking of subcultures and knowing you’re from within earshot of St. Mary-le-Bow where it all started, were you ever a skinhead?

Tel: As I said in the last answer I was never a skinhead, If you look at the old EEB pictures from back then I had more hair than Jon Bon Jovi. But I never really got any aggro over it because that is always how I was, and I did use to go to a hell of a lot of shows; So it wasn’t as if I was a stranger

JMC: What do you think of the reformation of the great Indecent Exposure?  How about the 4-Skins?  Do you think it’s a legitimate thing even without Tom McCourt on bass?

Tel: It’s great to have a Milky back on the scene again, after all this time. Milky and the Index lads are a great bunch of fellas, yeah they do have a bit of a rocky past, and there are always people there to dig up shit about things that happened 25 years ago. The point is you have quite a lot of people who are ready to jump on Index’s every move (for fucks sake let’s move on). If people knew exactly what happened and the timescales of what happened back then, there stupid arguments would not stand up. Milky is a good bloke and he is a determined character when has something to aim for, LIKE getting Hodges to get back on stage, as for Tom he will never be back on stage with the 4Skins, there are a few reasons for that, which I can’t go into, but it is 100% he will never appear as one of the 4Skins. Do I think it is a legitimate thing without Tom? Well as I was one of the main people getting Gary to do the live thing again I have to say yes, The 4Skins are Hodges vocals – whoever he has playing behind him. There have been lots of bands who have changes in personnel, at the end of the day it’s the original singer that people generally want to hear and see, especially in this case. But everyone will have their own point of view on this subject, as I said earlier. Along with Milky we were the people who persuaded Gary to give it another shot and let’s be honest he has the rights to be there, BUT will there be any other 4Skins shows, I don’t know.

Terry Leads the Mighty Badoes (See DAVID in background) into Battle
Terry Leads the Mighty Badoes (See DAVID in background) into Battle

JMC: What do you do when you’re not fronting the East End Badoes?  Does it keep you busy?

Tel: Up until a year ago I had my own very little welding fabrication business. I decided I had had enough of that and now I am a Premises Manager, and it does keep me very busy. I also have a very lovely understanding  wife and 4 great children 21 years of age down to 13 and they keep me very busy. The 3 oldest are girls and they go to a lot of the shows I attend so it’s a bit of a family thing. My children are very good friends to a few of the lads in Cock Sparrer’s children, as we live very local to Steve Bruce, Colin and Burg.

JMC: Are there any young English bands that you think should get more attention?

Tel: There is quite a list to mention, the likes of outlaw, the Aids/Skinfull, Middle Finger Salute and the Vas Defrens to name with plenty of attitude and some great sounds to go with it.

JMC: Okay Tel, we’ve bent your ear long enough.  Thanks for taking time to do this interview.  Is there anything you’d like to add?  A “shoutout to all yo homies”, or whatever?

Tel: I would just like to apologise for the time it took, but I hope I have covered all you have asked. I may have waived off the subject of some of the questions but what I have said was all relevant, I only hope was can get back to the states in 2009 as we had such a great time there this year and made lots of new friends. although i must add we blew all the British bands offstage when we appeared at the East Coast Oi Festival in May, and then proceeded to blow the not so great Indecent Exsposure off stage when we played with them in Boston a few days later, LOL…
I would just like to say a few thankyous; 1st to Cock Sparrer for all the great times since we first see them way back in 1977 at the Roxy, and also nearly getting me bashed to fuck on at least three occasions at there shows 1st by a big mob of Hells Angels in a church hall in Essex one January night back in ’78.  We got to this venue which happened to be a church hall the stage area wasn’t a stage it was a bit of carpet layed on the floor, and Sparrer where told not to come off the carpet while playing.  After about 30 mins or so of playing they decided that was it for the night, although the bikers had a different view on it.

The band along with 4 of us who had somehow got to the gig, as it was blizzard conditions outside, had retreated back to a store room being used has a changing room, only for a couple of minutes later to be told to get back out and play otherwise we were going to get a right hiding.  Funny enough Gary Lammin somehow vanished into thin air along with his car outside, not to be seen again that night.  Lucky enough for us the bikers were persuaded by the band to let us go without no trouble, on the agreement the band would return when it was a bit better weather outside and do a show there..( And Cock Sparrer being Cock Sparrer and men of there words went back there and played, DID THEY FUCK LOL….) Then next by a huge mob of skinheads. When a few of us were doing security for them, maybe it wasn’t a wise move for me to dump one of them head first into the pit…to which they got the right hump about and completly smashed the show up.  In the crowd that night were Ian Stuart and Kenny McLellan… And another time when we had to straighten up a family of bullies who used to put shows on in this little outback town in midlands of the UK, they come back with a shotgun looking for a certain person (not me thanks god). But it was one of our firm called Animal(only because he looked like Animal off the Muppet Show), he had left a little earlier (which was a stroke of luck). Thanks to the Rejects again for all the shenanigans and unforgettable memories. And last but not least to my favourite band over the last 9 years – the Dropkick Murphys and the great times I have had with them and the way I and my family have been treated by them. And one last major thank you to Matt Kelly for all he has done for me especially and my band. God bless all my friends in the US and have a great new year. –Tel EEB.***

Thus concludes the Terry Hayes/East End Badoes “trip down memory lane” interview.  The “Gentleman of Oi!” is an absolutely apt description for a true diamond.  Fucking A Tel, I never thought I’d get the wealth of information you’ve provided on the Badoes, your youth, and growing up in the scene that so many of us have followed since Christ rode a bike.

Thanks so much, Sir Terry of Hayes.  We hope to have a couple cold ones with you in the future!

JMC Thanks You, One and All!

–J.M. Curley, MPL South Boston Branch


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