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Neutral Accents

Posted in Book/Zine Reviews on February 5, 2013 by Billy Shears


So I haven’t done much on here for the last oh….year-ish. Mainly because the blog is fairly dead. I’m actually doing a print zine called NEUTRAL ACCENTS that is a far more effective format than the blog will ever be.

To the left is a preview of a page from issue #4.

Get in contact if interested in any of the 4 available back issues, as summarized below:

#1 – interviews with Hammer & the Nails (Boston oi!/rock) MFP (Boston fatcore) and then the debut of Grim Cinema, a recurring feature that focuses on low brow and exploitation cinema.

#2 – interviews with Sydney Ducks (SF oi!) The Crookes (UK pop) & Altered Boys (NJ HC) plus Grim Cinema, music reviews, etc

#3 – interviews with clothier THICK AS THIEVES, Perry Boys author Ian Hough and The Ropes (Chicago HC) plus Grim Cin, music, comics, photos, much much more.

#3.5 – tongue in cheek Xmas issue. Sick photo feature/REVIEW from Japanese skinhead event ICEPICK, top 25 Xmas tunes of all-time, music reviews, Xmas Grim Cin etc.

#4 coming soon with interviews with Night Birds, interview with classic NZ oi! band Flesh D-vice and much more.


Thanks for the support, all 25 of you!