Awaydays Announcement

Today, January 20th, 2009 is a historic day. People will remember where they were, cheers will fill the air, tears will be shed, and lives will be changed. It has nothing to do with what’s going on over in D.C. mind you, it’s because today I post news on AWAYDAYS, a new British “youth” film being compared favorably to Quadrophenia (see below photo) and This is England.

A Way of Life......
A Way of Life……

The basic plot, as near as I can gather is based in and around the football scene of 1979 LiverpoolAnd as any good fan of youth movements knows, 1979 Liverpool was the hub of the birth of the Casual. With wedge haircuts, brand name sports gear and Adidas trainers, this movement took the violence of the hooligan, refined it, and then, like any good movement, disappeared once the mainstream assimilated it’s style.

The film looks to follow a gang of youths and their exploits in and around the scene, and has been getting early rave reviews. I myself have seen clips and have read an extensive article in this month’s Dazed and Confused magazine (with Paul Simonon’s son on the cover.)  The article was written by Kevin Sampson, who also wrote the book Awaydays on which the film is based. It stars a cast of newcomers and Stephen Graham, who is quickly becoming much cooler than his co-star in SNATCH, Jason Statham, as Graham has This is England and Awaydays on his resume, as well as Goal! Gangs of New York, Band of Brothers amongst many other credits.

The article delves into what the film celebrates at it’s most primordial roots – the little triumphs and agonies of what it’s like to be young. That feeling of youth, the rush of being young and struggling with so many things at once, is universal to all generations, it’s just the clothes that change. It’s an exciting, emotional and sometimes violent time, which is why the subject is such a time-honored one. It will be exciting to see this time period celebrating an important youth movement on celluloid.

So today, rather than cry with Oprah or front like Ben Affleck and act like my opinion on politics matters,  I salute it as the day history was made by yours truly by breaking the news on AWAYDAYS.

Google it, it, and wait for it.

It looks like a future classic.


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