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You Can't Kill The Blues With a Gun...

Before I head out to go see what’s sure to be an amazing yuletide show, Oasis in Chicago, as a Christmas gift to you all, I thought I’d post a little story I pulled off the wild, wonderful internet.

I was listening to a classic LP last night – That’s Right by the Anti-Heros. I was once again chuckling when playing “Disco Riot”;  I had heard the song many, many times, and knew it was based on a real incident, but the details I’d always heard were sketchy. How in the hell did this incident go down? Who in their right mind has a “free beer night?” I had heard of club 688, but what they fuck was going on that night? How did shit go so <insert best Danny Dyer accent and walk> PEAR-SHAPED?

I did a few seconds worth of research and up popped this site:


It is a site detailing 688 and stories behind it. An lo and behold, the night in question is discussed at length, by participants in said riot, no less. It appears that one minute wonders Drivin’ n Cryin’ were actually the ones playing that night, and it was various members of the band, the owner of 688 and the members of the Anti-Heros crew that got housed that night, as well as suffered varying degrees of bodily harm.

Check out the following transcription for details of that night (black as night, it was black as night):

Kevn Kinney (Drivin’ n’ Cryin’): “Drivin’ played some free beer deal or something and all these skinheads showed up and started a fight with just about anyone….I was just soaked in beer. It was something I had never really seen before.”

Jon Kincaid (WREK DJ): “The Anti-Heros wrote their ‘Disco Riot’ song about that night. It was a dollar to get in and free beer when you got inside. So apparently the skins had been drinking all night, which is always a good mix for disaster. They were just harassing the crap out of Drivin’ n’ Cryin’. They were throwing beer on Kevn, and Kevn was just trashing them. When I walked in I knew there were problems, because the skins were rolling a black guy in the doorway, a homeless guy.”

John Wicker (688 co-owner, later years): “They were just being general skinhead dickheads, the new rednecks. And then I confronted them, and it went from there. I’d seen ’em beat this one kid up, I didn’t know what was happening inside. I got into a confrontation where it was me against about 12 guys, and I got the worst of it.”

Steve May: “John took out two of them with a caulker.”

John Wicker: “Huh? He’s an idiot, haha! It was a wrench. I had a wrench under my seat in my van.”

Jon Kincaid: “I went back inside and was talking to David Lindsay among other people. I walk back out, and the street’s just filled with police cars and ambulances. They pulled [Wicker] out of the van and beat the shit out of him. It made the news that night.”

John Wicker: “I got like 110 stitches and a broken nose. But that’s after they’d tried to attack me. They kicked my face with their steel-toe boots. And a four-inch pole, they were beating my head with that.”

Jon Kincaid: “I heard a story that they were around back afterwards and [Drivin’ n’ Cryin’ bassist] Tim Nielsen just jumped on one of them and was beatin’ the crap out of him, and skinheads were trying to pull Tim off and were pulling clumps of hair out of Tim’s head.”

Kevn Kinney (Drivin’ N Cryin’): “We took ’em to court for that. And that was sort of the beginning of the end for their thing. We were prosecuting the skinheads. We knew who they were, ‘cause they were all in our neighborhood. And there was one, I’m not sure if he was a minor or not, and he was Jewish. He was from this really rich Jewish family, and I’m like, ‘You’re a fuckin’ skinhead, dumbass!’ That’s when we changed our publishing to Hairhead Music.”

A great story, and it appears that the Anti-Heros lyrics were pretty god-damned accurate.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this warm Christmas tale, now pardon me, but it appears the Bumpus hounds have broken into my home and are making off with a turkey.

Ho Ho Ho North Pole Front!

Ho Ho Ho North Pole Front!


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