Bloomington-Normal Hardcore: Semicids, Naked Hippy and beyond….

When I was first getting into punk rock & hardcore in the late 80s, there couldn’t have been a bigger influence on me, nor would there ever be, then the folks and bands in the Bloomington-Normal scene. From catching Naked Hippy and drinking at The Gallery, to buying records at Appletree and Mother Murphy’s or any of the other shops that flourished back then, it was what people would refer to as their “salad days,” where every week I was hearing something new and amazing, and was grabbing up classic albums left and right.

One of the bands from that scene (and one that I saw more than a handful of times) was Semicids – an undisputed top band in the area. Always a great show, and always seemingly paired with my personal favorite BNHC band,  Naked Hippy, I often wondered what became of these dudes.

By chance (while looking for a Mediafire of the Naked Hippy LP that I still own but wanted a rip of) I came across this blog entry at Pig State Recon.

Son of a bitch. Not only does he remember fondly Semicids, but he actually interviewed them. “Nostalgia to the point of stomach pangs” is pretty much what transpired when reading the write-up and the interview: mentions of Electric Coffee, The Gallery, and numerous local bands kind of brought everything back in a flood.

Anyone who was remotely interested in Bloomington-Normal punk rock should check out the article, and for those of you that saw some of these bands or shows, it will be a tiny retrospective of the coolest kind.

I still have the demo tape tucked safely away at my house, and still remember those days fondly. Take a look at the interview and check out the MP3s posted for  a little glipmse into one of the bands that made the BNHC what it was.

Thanks for the write up, Pig State Recon. (P.S: if I ever start a band, we’re covering Naked Hippy.)


4 Responses to “Bloomington-Normal Hardcore: Semicids, Naked Hippy and beyond….”

  1. I remember ordering the Naked Hippy album directly from the band when the album was advertised in MRR. What a great record. I remember thinking this band was giving DOA, Minor Threat, Necros, etc. a run for the money. With a limited release of 1000 copies, I always wondered why this album never made it into the high priced record collector archives. As a serious Hardcore collector since 86, I highly recommend the Naked Hippy record. It can be found often on ebay for $10.

  2. Ed from The Semicids here. Just happened to come across this. My brother in law recently re-mastered the “recess” demo with extras onto cdr. Would be glad to send you a copy.

  3. Billy Shears Says:

    Wow, Ed. That would be excellent. I’ll put a review of it in the zine I do. That would be awesome. Just let me know how to go about sending you money for a copy. Thanks!

  4. I was in Another band W/ Ed called The Resinators & currnet punk band called Xxx SMUT i Recently made This Video of the Semicids!

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