Brother – “Darling Buds of May” single

Keepers of the (mundane) flame

Brother are the latest band the British press (and the band themselves) seem to be lauding with the by now Python-esqe moniker of  “the next saviors of British guitar music.” British Guitar music needs saving more often than any other generic genre I can think of, because every year, there’s another mediocre band dubbed as such.

Regardless, how do Brother fare when stacked up against other salvagers of the “lost art” of the guitar tune?

About the same as the norm, as it turns out.

Taking cues from the obvious (Oasis) they come off sounding like a near replica of an old forgotten British band called Smaller. That is to say, Oasis without the huge tunes or enlightened singer but with the mouth and ego to match. The brothers Gallagher, though, could walk the walk. Brother kind of toe the line. Barely.

“Darling Buds of May” is a catchy tune. It might even demand repeated listens at first. Competent playing, catchy guitar lick (kind of sounds borrowed from “Brim Full of Asha” by another Brit Pop casualty Cornershop) and solid chorus…but once the novelty of hoping this band are as good as advertised wears off, I’m left with the feeling that if the tunes don’t get substantially better, Brother are going to fade out.

Rather than being something special, I’m guessing this group more along the lines of something tolerable.

Maybe I’m wrong. Brother seem to think they are going to be the next-big-thing. Thing about that is, I’ve heard that about 2-3 bands every year since 1994.

Guessing these guys become a footnote as well.

Brother’s “Darling Buds of May” single now available on iTunes for Free.


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