Our friends from across the pond – and this year’s receipient of “Best Thing We Heard All Year” award, THE CONCRETE GODS have just released an online single for the HELP FOR HEROES charity for soldiers that have served their country and are suffering the after effects.

Please see the details below on how you can do your part to help out, and get a slice of crackling power-pop, served up in that classic GODS way at the same time. I’ve had it for a few days, and trust me, if you dig the CGs, you’ll want this release.

We have recorded TOMMY’S SONG to raise money for the HELP FOR HEROES charity.

Hear it on our MySpace site –

Those of you that know us personally will know that we are 100% sincere in wanting to collect for our brave lads and lasses who’ve done their bit and are left with the scars of war. We aren’t famous like Bob Geldof and Simon Cowell. All the money that you donate by buying TOMMY’S SONG will be given to HELP FOR HEROES. We don’t agree with the politicians or their reasons but then again that’s another story. If you’re a DJ or someone that can help push this song then please do contact us.

The lyrics to TOMMY were written by the immortal Rudyard Kipling, a man who respected and understood the lot of the British soldier.

You can get it from……. iTunes………..Amazon………..eMusic and others for around 70 to 80p. (.99 CENTS or so)


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