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The EMPIRE (CLUB) Strikes Back!

Posted in Misc on October 13, 2009 by Billy Shears


Though the London of Davies and Weller is  disappearing or has already gone; though proper British pubs may be closing up at an alarming rate, council estates are being abandoned by the working class and the smell of a good pie ‘n’ mash is but a wispy memory in the air; though Del Boy’s scheming is long quiet, the Eastenders have moved south, and what became of the likely lads is a mystery, fear not.

For though Jack Carter is still dead, and The Sweeny retired, another defender of the faith has arisen!

Welcome to The Empire Club.


THE CONCRETE GODS pine for the days gone by days with gallons of tea, hoisting real pints of ale and washing it down with four alarm curry and brown sauce; days past of scooter exhaust and Brighton Beaches,and the real British rocknroll tradition. From The Who to Slade to The Pistols to The Jam and back, The Gods took em on and done em all. And the days, the days, the beautiful days, they’re gone, they’re gone, but not for long.

The purveyors of a disappearing way of life, The CONCRETE GODS, offer their newest release, WELCOME TO THE EMPIRE CLUB. This album puts into words and music, what its like to watch a way of life disappear,yet resist until the very end.

From tradition comes resurgence, and perhaps all is not lost after all..

RocknRoll Disgrace Records is proud to help promote the sale of the latest release from Britains finest THE CONCRETE GODS. Welcome to the Empire Club.

Buy it before it too disappears.

Please see here old boy for details on the band – CONCRETE GODS

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